Hey, I’m Alex Johnson, an aspiring musician and the voice behind this blog. I started it to share my musical journey as an indie artist, connect with fellow music lovers, and write about topics I’m passionate about.

I’ve been playing guitar and writing my own songs since I was 14 years old. Music has always been my creative outlet and way to process emotions. Over the years I’ve played small local gigs, recorded demos, and am slowly but surely pursuing music full-time.

On this blog you’ll find posts ranging from my original songs and DIY music videos to tips for up-and-coming musicians to philosophical reflections on the role of music in life. Even though I’m still discovering my sound as an artist, I believe we all have a unique inner melody waiting to be brought to life.

My goal is to provide an authentic look into the triumphs and struggles of chasing my dream, while hopefully inspiring others to find the courage to pursue their passions too. This blog is truly a labor of love for me.

So sit back, hit play, and let the music begin! I appreciate you joining me on this journey.